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Why I Blog
As a long time blogger, I know that a blog can profoundly and quickly influence others and create a positive buzz for things that bloggers like. Since I believe people will like this book, this blog is meant to make it easier for anyone, including bloggers, to get info about the book, post a review or simply share your thoughts about the book and its message.
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Quoted in Cleveland

Terri Mrosko referenced Vantagepoints in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on 2/26/06.

What did she say?

It's the everyday non-event that can hold the greatest life-expanding growth potential. Unfortunately, so many of us allow distractions such as world, national, sports and entertainment events to drain our energy that we often miss seeing these spontaneous learning opportunities.

"For many people, learning is connected to school. People think about learning in a classroom, in the orientation to a new job, in a training class, in college or in a seminar," says Kevin Eikenberry in his book Vantagepoints on Learning and Life. But they are not the only places for learning and he challenges people to become engaged with learning possibilities in everyday life.

Eikenberry offers these everyday examples on learning and life:

- We all need to focus to achieve better results—whether leading a team, driving our car or teaching someone something, playing darts or anything else. If we challenge ourselves to higher levels of achievement, we are taking a positive step toward becoming a "better player." Often we try to do too many things at once or try to finish what we're doing too quickly. Instead, focus on aiming at the target and taking your time to get it right.
- Curiosity leads to learning, whether we are exploring new things or solving problems. We need never outgrow curiosity. Watch young children and observe their need to always ask "why" in learning situations. "Why" is a powerful question and is perhaps the best way to cut through the clutter to better understand a situation.
- Instead of focusing on an enormous learning process in front of you, look back at positive experiences to help alleviate anxiousness and put things into perspective. When you remember your successes, it can build your confidence that you can do it again.
- There is a big difference between deciding to do something and actually doing something. That difference is "action." Deciding is a commitment to start, but making a plan is the first step toward action. Nothing happens until we act. Take those first steps, act on your dream and get the results you want.

Posted on Monday, February 27, 2006 - Permanent Link


The Last Book You'll Read?

That is what I signed in a copy of Vantagepoints recently.


Because a friend, Stacy Brice, author of the wonderful Virtualosophy blog, among other things, had decided that she might stop reading books.

Rather than me explain it, here is her post with her strategy, and reasoning.

While I hope that Vantagepoints isn't the last book anyone reads, I sure hope they read it.

Posted on Sunday, February 26, 2006 - Permanent Link


A New Interview

Phil Gerbyshak, one of my favorite bloggers and new friends interviewed me last Friday. A good bit of the interview was about Vantagepoints. He posted the result on his blog last night.

I thought you might want to see it.

Thanks Phil!

Posted on Monday, February 06, 2006 - Permanent Link


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